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Our History

In 1921, Joseph Manzoni left his home in Switzerland to come to the United States. In the 1930's he found himself in the Salinas Valley along with many other Swiss descendents. What initially started as a dairy business evolved into cash crop farming which the family still continues.

Among the many Old World traditions brought over from the homeland was the making of wine and Grappa. He introduced this to his workers, friends, and his own family. This proud tradition grew into what is now the Manzoni Estate Vineyard founded by his son Louie Manzoni, and his grandsons, Mark and Michael Manzoni.

The business, as it is today, began in 1990 when the family converted six acres of land to vine rootstock. In 1999, with the planting of imported clones, the Manzoni Family turned their family tradition into a full-time passion.

The Manzoni Estate Vineyard takes great pride in presenting you with wine from the finest quality grapes. They believe that their stewardship of the land, their purposefully small yields, and their detailed attention to every aspect of production results in a more flavorful, better tasting selection to grace your table.

"Since 1999, we have worked to become a wine name of discretion. We continue to grow grapes in the Santa Lucia Highlands of Monterey County and work diligently to evolve our practices and to increase the quality of our wines